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      They went up the ladder, Don in advance. On the deck an astonished watchman faced them.

      "I can't tell you to order," he grumbled, manlike. "It must come of itself.""Inform? What a word to use!" said Pendleton with asperity. "I mean to give him up to justice as he richly deserves."

      "Shorty," said he, between the gripes, to his comrade, "I'm afeared I'm goin' to peter out. After I'm gone you write totoAnnie and tell her I died for my country like a man. I'd ruther been shot than die with the colic, but I 'spose 'twont make much difference after it's all over!" 9 "I'll do it," replied Shorty. "We'll plant you in good shape; and Si, we'll gather up the corn-cobs and build a monument over you!"

      "How beautiful you are so," he murmured. "Don't move!""Not on your life!" sneered Delehanty.

      Pen could not appear to be looking for anybody. With sightless eyes she inspected the stock of notions. There were scores of little baskets displaying pins, hair-pins, fasteners, tapes, hair-nets, all the multitudinous contrivances with which women keep themselves together. It is the busiest counter in a department store. Perspiring women elbowed her on either hand. An exasperated voice said at her shoulder:

      "What are these grooves along each side for?" he asked, pointing out the little hollows which give the "prod" lightness and strength.Slowly pacing up and down cheek to cheek, they endlessly and lovingly disputed the question without being able to come to a conclusion. In their deep preoccupation they became careless. The slab-sided moon rose over the high bank, and shone upon them full, and they gave no heed.


      "No, sir! I gave the command according to Hardee, 'Loadinninetimes!' and ef yer hadn't bin in such a hurry you'd 'a' found out what that means. Yer'll git along a good deal faster ef you'll go slower. Yer ought ter be made ter carry a rail, and a big one, for two hours."


      "How could he do that?"


      "If you lied once you can lie again!"