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      Especially the girls, said Trafford, with a smile. Theyll be delighted to welcome their prime favorite back. I hope youve come back heart-whole, old man?

      Slowly, unconsciously, she began to feel a kind of pleasure in having him near her, in listening to his musical voice, even in looking at his grave, handsome face. She did not know that love was growing, growing up within her heart. Did not know it even when he ran up to town for a few days, and she missed him, and felt as if something had gone out of her life.Lady Wyndover sunk on the couch and clasped her head.

      Oh, I dont know, he said. But why did you say that? You spoke as ifoh! its stupid of me, of course, he laughed apologeticallyas if you werent quite happy.

      The two men held the candle above the paper and read it together. It was a badly spelled scrawl, written on the back of an old play-bill, and ran thus:


      Norman still looked at him steadily, and, to Varleys surprise, did not wince or flinch.


      Esmeralda made an uneasy movement.The listeners growled.


      The place reeled before him. He was incapable of action, almost of thought. What should he do? His first impulse, when his brain had cleared a little, was to follow Norman, and charge him with his baseness, to wreak the vengeance of an injured husband, a betrayed friend. He moved a few steps, putting out his hand toward the pedestal of a statue, to support himself, for he was trembling and scarcely able to stand, and as he moved toward the door, he heard the rustle of a dress, and looking round vaguely and dimly, saw Lady Ada. She, too, had witnessed the scene, and was as convinced of Normans and Esmeraldas guilt as was Trafford himself. It soothed her conscience, and made her task easier. Her heart was beating furiously, but she smiled and fanned herself slowly as she came forward.