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      Tyler, in his haste to seize the archbishop, stumbled over a lance which one of those who had fled with the prelate had dropped.

      "I will," replied Holgrave, firmly"Do you want me now?""Why, young lady, it's hard to doubt anything you say, but really that sounds rather fanciful. Why should you think it?"

      "Does your father think so, too?"

      The boys had observed that the farther they penetrated from Yokohama and Tokio, the less did they find the people affected in their dress and[Pg 204] manners by the presence of the foreigners. Particularly was this the case with the women. They had seen in the open ports a good many women with blackened teeth; and the farther they went inland, the greater did they find the proportion of the fair sex who had thus disfigured themselves. So at the first opportunity they asked the Doctor about the custom.

      I forget. I dont think I saw.

      "We hold, as all honest men oughtwith King Richard and the true commons!"


      "I'm not sure that I know exactly what the star of empire means," said Frank. "I used the expression as I have seen it, but can't tell what it comes from.""Stephen Holgrave!" eagerly interrupted Calverley. "Have you heard or seen any thing of him?"


      "If you wait till you do you may tell it; that will suit me well enough."


      Near the end of the first day's journey the party stopped at a Japanese inn that had been previously selected by their conductor, and there they found their baggage, and, what was quite as welcome, a substantial dinner from the hands of the cook that had been sent on ahead of them. They had sharp appetites, and the dinner was very much to their liking. It was[Pg 190] more foreign than Japanese, as it consisted largely of articles from America; but there was a liberal supply of boiled rice, and the savory stew of fish was not wanting.