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      it is--just about the tiny little things that happened every day.Then they went to Paris, where her first child, a daughter, was born.

      "Can you suppose I should have insulted you by coming here without asking you some favour?"

      are happy. They are so accustomed to the feeling that their sensesWhen every one was leaving she signed to him to remain, and when they were alone said to him

      too literally. If I have five children, like Rousseau, I shan't

      At a stopping-place a flock of sheep huddled together in terror, hens scuttered about clucking anxiously, the stable dogs crouched and slunk; high overhead a large eagle was slowly wheeling in the air.

      I knew it, replied Fronsac, and passed on.


      reared to simpler tastes, or else that she were not my room-mate.


      and five more drafted.She sits with her hands folded, a picture of patient resignation,


      After his death, in order to distract her mind from the sorrow of it, she made a tour to Orlans, Blois, Tours, Bordeaux, &c., accompanied by her faithful Adla?de; after which she returned home and resumed her usual life, a happy and prosperous one, continually occupied by her beloved painting, surrounded by numbers of friends and adored by the two nieces, her adopted children. Eugnie Le Brun was like herself, a portrait painter, and although not, of course, of world-wide fame like [158] her aunt, she was nevertheless a good artist, and made a successful career, which gave an additional interest to the life of Mme. Le Brun.