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      Byssa gazed sullenly into vacancy.A branded slave! cried some.

      Almost at the same moment the young girl came out, accompanied by an old female slave. Taking from her hand a graceful jug, she began to water the rarer flowers which were planted nearest to the house. Then she searched for buds, removed the withered blossoms, and tied up the drooping branches; in short, she busied herself a long time among the flowers, and at every movement her slender figure displayed some fresh girlish charm.

      "But not the kind I was!" prompted Anna.

      And whence shall Athens be seen? asked Xenocles, to whom this introduction seemed too long.

      Lycon was laughing in his sleep.


      Flora ran and clung tenderly to his arm, but with a distressed smile he clasped her wrists in one hand and gently forced her back again while she asked in burning undertone, "And you 'ave run that h-awful risk for me? for me? But, why? why? why?"




      When he had reached the last one he paused and glanced up at the ship. But at the sight of the pirates curious, malicious faces, which did not express even the faintest touch of compassion, he understood that all hope was over and, too proud to beg for his life, he pressed Charicleia closer to his breast and took the fatal step from the last round of the ladder.What ought not a man to be able to accomplish, exclaimed Deinocrates, when a woman can learn to leap so boldly between swords?