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      I know that I am your wife, the Marchioness of Trafford, one of your family, and that I must think of you and them. I cant go away. She remembered the lake at Belfayre and[189] the dukes words. The wife of the Marquis of Belfayre cant do that. It would be better for me to kill myself.Esmeralda caught many names of persons and places; but onethe name of a personhe repeated so often that it impressed her.

      Eryes, said Mr. Pinchook, who had never, in the whole course of his professional experience, met any one quite so cool and listless and altogether immovable as this Mr. Varley Howard, the professional gambler. He completely forgave his daughter, and instructed us to make inquiries respecting her. We learned that the husband was dead, that a[43] child was born, and thaterMrs. Chetwynde had left England with it soon after. The child was a girl.

      Thats all right, said the doctor. Besides, we arent out of the wood yet. Shes fearfully weak, and there might be trouble still.


      Trafford rose.



      Then pay him! said Esmeralda. Get the horse!I am afraid that Trafford must be anxious about his wife, said one. She is at Deepdalethat place of Lady Wyndovers, you knowill. I saw it in the papers. I hope she isnt worse than we think.