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      Ah! Taffy drew a long breath of disappointment. Nothingnothing from Ralda, I spose? he added in an off-hand way.

      The men cheered and offered to grab them up, but Bill kicked out warningly.

      But, dearest, remonstrated Lilias, gently, you are Traffords wife, the dukes daughter, and, of course, the mistress of the house. You must take the lead; and how well you will do it! she added, admiringly.

      It has been remarked more than once that truth is stranger than fiction; certainly no one, however highly imaginative, would have planned out a stranger and more improbable game of cross-purposes than was played by Trafford and Norman that night.

      Ill wear anything you like, said Esmeralda.


      Oh, are you here, Trafford? she said, as if she had just entered. I was looking for Esmeralda.



      She had lifted herself into a sitting position, she who had not been able to sit up for many days past.